Virtual IT Counselor

Welcome to the Virtual IT Counselor Section!

Virtual IT Counselor program is your resource for finding help with career transitions, questions, and challenges, all at no cost to you or you can pay donation(optional). We are here to help you with saving time and money. We are confident that with our help you will spend more time learning and less time searching.

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How it Works

Simply connect to the Virtual IT Counselor to get the information you need to succeed.


Connect to us so we can connect you to answers.

Since you are already on our website, it’s easy for you to get started…by clicking Get Started! When you do, you will go to a page that asks you for some basic information. Then one of our experienced IT professionals will contact you to help you with any IT career consultations.

On the Go

Give us a call so we can help you get started.

Voicemail: 530-431-8008 (USA)

If you don’t have internet access or you just prefer talking to a real person on the phone, call our number: 530 -431- 8008 (USA). leave a message with your email address and we will call you the next business day.

Once we connect with you by phone, we will figure out the best way to connect you to the resources that will help you address your needs. We are here to make it as easy as possible for you to get answers, so call us today!

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