What is jobskillshare.org premium membership?

In this article we will answer questions related to the premium membership level.


“What is Premium level” and related questions

Jobskillshare.org is a platform with a clear mission to help anyone who would like to become an IT Professional.

This is not an easy task for any platform, individual trainers, friends and indeed not an easy process for someone who is going to become an IT pro in a short time.

Usual Process:

A usual process for becoming an IT pro is to take college courses or well-known certification like CompTIA A+, Network+ or other certification, for example, Cisco ICND 1,2, etc

This is a good start, but it comes with many problems which can lead to stressful situations, These certifications are either too specific or too broad and does not cover real-world training.

Most of the well-known online certification training are theoretical videos and no hands-on practice, custom courses or advise is provided. (Some may provide this service but it comes with a very high cost)

Example: If you take A+ and you apply for entry-level IT positions, it will have other skills listed in the job descriptions “Office 365”, “Active Directory” and “Ticketing systems” this is just to name few but we have many other skills that are not covered in these type of certifications. This is discouraging to someone new. The normal assumption is that if we finish “A+” then we will land an entry-level IT job.

Note: This is just an example, some help desk positions may not require many skills to land a job.

Our Solution:

We are trying to fix this problem by providing real-world IT skills with multiple IT resources.

To achieve this we are going to need “Premium Membership“.

In the premium level, you have access to three different resources (websites).

Jobskillshare.org: You will have unlimited access to our custom, developed courses, features like projects, lab task videos (2,400+), and more custom solutions to enhance your IT skills.

Practice Labs: You will have 1-year access to 100+ lab courses, each lab course is about 20-40 hours of hands-on practice, practice lab courses are in itself a full guided course but hands-on.

Partner Portal: You will have 1-year access to 200+ video courses. This is library access so you can take any course any time.

Note: Some features like “LIVE” and “Cloud Servers” are not included with membership levels, members will have the ability to rent or use personal servers.

This is a complete solution for the new members, it can cover certification learning and also hands-on learning with our custom real-world IT courses.

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