Workgroup vs Domain – Lecture and Lab

We’re excited to introduce video blogs that allow you to access specific labs directly from the content. Our ongoing goal is to optimize the use of the robust systems available to our members. These video blogs, equipped with lab access, aim to expedite the learning of specific skills, eliminating the necessity to follow complete courses or roadmaps. It’s a rapid and efficient way to acquire and practice new skills. In our commitment to supporting our free community members, we are also sharing these video blogs for free, providing valuable educational content.

Below is an example of our first video blog

In this video, during the first 7 minutes, we will discuss the differences between workgroup vs. domain. Then, we will use the JSS Sandbox lab to create Active Directory and learn basic Active Directory management tasks for IT support, which will also include some group policy. If you have Lite or Premium access, you can also complete the same project using your access.

Launch Sandbox

What is Sandbox Solution?

Our Sandboxes provide a safe, secure virtual environment to test the impact of new installations or software updates prior to deployment. Connect to live Practice Labs servers, hardware, and software in isolation from your critical business systems. Freestyle and experiment without risk to your in-house equipment or concerns about capacity.

Important: The JSS Team and Practice Lab support do not provide learning assistance inside the Sandbox. If you encounter device issues, you can submit a ticket using the lab portal. We recommend following the step-by-step video to avoid any issues.

November 14, 2023

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