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March 9, 2022

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3 Hours


Course Description

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  • CFITP covers the increased diversity of knowledge, skills, and abilities required of IT support and system administrators to validate what is necessary to perform effectively in data center jobs.
  • Jobskillshare views cloud-based infrastructure services as an increasingly important piece of an organization’s IT systems.
  • In this course, we will cover concepts such as cloud infrastructure, security, networking, and more — to help you better realize the return on investment of cloud infrastructure services.

Course Curriculum

    • CFITP: Intro to Cloud Benefits 00:13:00
    • CFITP: Cloud Service Models 00:16:00
    • CFITP: Cloud Delivery Models 00:19:00
    • CFITP: Cloud Terminology 00:11:00
    • CFITP: Object Storage Concepts 00:04:00
    • CFITP: Disk Types and Configurations 00:32:00
    • CFITP: Understanding RAID 00:17:00
    • CFITP: Examining File Systems 00:11:00
    • CFITP: Storage Technologies 00:07:00
    • CFITP: Accessing Storage 00:10:00
    • CFITP: Provisioning Storage 00:08:00
    • CFITP: Network Types 00:09:00
    • CFITP: Optimizing the Network 00:19:00
    • CFITP: Routing and Switching 00:15:00
    • CFITP: Network Ports and Protocols 00:10:00
    • CFITP: Virtualization Overview 00:14:00

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