JSS is the premier platform for skill sharing and professional development. We provide a unique opportunity for individuals to learn new skills, enhance their existing abilities, and share their valuable knowledge with others. With a membership base of over 60,000 individuals from 120+ countries, our mission is to make real-world IT training more accessible and enjoyable.

As an advocate for career growth, we understand the importance of hands-on practice and real-world experience in the development of IT skills. To address this need, we empower learners of all abilities to build their digital and IT skills using actual live IT equipment, accessible from anywhere through a web browser.

In light of the growing trend towards online learning solutions, academic institutions have a responsibility to ensure that students have access to the same resources and opportunities as those who attend in-person classes. One critical component of any IT or computing program is the ability for students to develop their practical skills in a lab setting. By integrating Practice Labs into your IT & computing curriculum, students gain access to the real hardware and software they need to build their practical skills, providing them with the same experience as they would in an on-site lab


JSS offers a comprehensive skills development program for various IT roles, including Helpdesk, Network Engineer, Systems Administrator, and Cybersecurity. Additionally, JSS is dedicated to empowering underrepresented groups, particularly women in technology, by providing them with the real-world IT skills they need to succeed in the industry.


JSS is a professional solution that enables organizations to effectively tackle their most significant IT workforce challenges. Designed for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve in innovation, JSS for Business provides access to high-quality, relevant, and practical IT training content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


We have established strategic partnerships with some of the industry's leading publishers, mentors, and online learning providers. Our services are integrated into their training content to provide their customers with a unique and highly valuable live, hands-on practical learning experience.

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Practice, learn from your mistakes and gain confidence within a safe, live-lab environment. 24/7 access to the latest devices, hardware and software via your web browser. Real, live IT equipment (not a simulation in sight!).


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