In this course, you will develop your knowledge in the following areas:

• Installing, upgrading and migrating to Windows 10

• Managing Windows 10 updates

• Implementing storage

• Networking and other applications in Windows 10

• Manage identity, permissions and threat protection in Windows 10

• Support and troubleshoot the Windows 10 environment.

These tasks will help you understand the objectives and acquire essential skills, required for completing the MD-100 exam.

How is this course provided to JSS Members?

Course delivery blended

Jobskillshare Team Content: Jobskillshare Team created real-world IT lectures and IT Advisory videos.

Partners Content: Technical e-learning videos and hands-on labs will be provided by our partner.

Partnering with a content provider produces invaluable results for our members to advance their careers. By including learning content alongside we are offering a total solution that ultimately helps the members achieve their goals.

“Jobskillshare Team can now produce real-world videos very quickly without getting stuck with the theoretical videos. This is a complete solution our members will enjoy”

Danish Haider (CEO)

Skills measured

  • Deploy Windows (15-20%)
  • Manage devices and data (35-40%)
  • Configure connectivity (15-20%)
  • Maintain Windows (25-30%)

Download exam skills outline