This program is an intermediate-level collection of multiple resources to provide you with the necessary hands-on skills on configuring and managing Cisco networking equipment. You will learn how to setup and configure switches and routers to ensure smooth functionality of the network. After completion, you will be able to plan and configure different IP ranges for a network and configure Cisco equipment accordingly. The tasks in the exercises are aligned to give you in-depth knowledge of configuring and maintaining a network using Cisco networking equipment.

About Program

To be a proficient Cisco network engineer, it is essential to tune yourself with the mandatory technical skills. The learner will be educated in both practical and theoretical concepts. Jobskillshare blended learning model with TestOut, Practice Labs, and recorded live sessions bring classroom learning experience online. The LMS is designed to provide students with hands-on experience on a wide range of technologies while giving hands-on experience on multiple projects from real-world business scenarios. It combines instructor-led training, self-paced learning, and personalized mentoring to provide an immersive learning experience.

Registration for Junior Cisco Network Engineer Program:

Cost by Membership levels:

  • No Membership Total: $849 (This includes TestOut Network Pro, Trainer help, and Practice labs)
  • Lite Membership: $699 (This includes TestOut Network Pro, Trainer help, and Practice labs)
  • Plus Membership: $599 (This includes TestOut Network Pro, Trainer help, and Practice labs)
  • Premium Membership with Active labs membership: $349 (This includes TestOut Network Pro, and Trainer help)

Note: If premium labs are expired or expiring soon, members must reactive labs to complete this program. The cost of re-activating is $399 in addition to the program cost ($349)


Q: Does this program includes live sessions?

A: No, this program is 100% self-paced; Trainer will collaborate using the discord application. Trainer usually replies to queries within 4-24 hours depending on the time question is submitted.

Q: How can I register for this program?

A: Contact: or call +1 530-431-8008

Q: Can I access the program videos with Lite, Plus, or Premium Level?

A: Yes, however, TestOut video training is not available in JSS learning management system.